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Welcome to Ostevera

Ostevera is an inquiry based game focusing on the nature of science, targeted for students in grades 5-10. It is intended as a student-led and teacher facilitated activity. Ostevera explores the topics of food and energy on an abandoned planet. Your goal is to power up the Treegate, a cyber network of trees that holds the history and knowledge of the planet and its inhabitants, but first you must generate enough electrical energy and learn how to grow food to survive.

Can you power up the Treegate and find a way home, or will the unique planetary conditions of Ostevera hinder your progress?

Ostevera was developed in participation with Let's Talk Science and funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

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Student Worksheet

Ostevera was designed to be a student-led and teacher-facilitated activity. Students can use this worksheet to guide them through their thought process.

Curriculum Alignments

Ostevera engages students in the basic tenets of scientific inquiry: initiating, planning, experimenting and exploring, a key component in any science curriculum. Common curriculum entry points for Ostevera are: Earth & space, energy, electricity, food, environement.

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